Courtney Hansen 
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Does Courtney Hansen have Breast Implants?

We've gathered up some photos of Courtney Hansen over the past few years in order to determine whether or not she has had a boob job. As you'll see below, at first, it looks as if she might have had them and then had them removed, but then you'll notice the pattern repeats and in the end, the latest picture we can find looks like she has full and natural breasts that don't look like ones with typical implants. Our official answer is NO, Courtney doesn't have breast implants. It looks like she's just a normal woman who's boobs fluctuate in size depending on diet or that time of the month. 
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1. Courtney Hansen - Playboy Magazine 2008.

2. Courtney Hansen - Bullet Superstar 2010.

3. Courtney Hansen - Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010.

4. Courtney at Spike TV Guys Choice Awards 2012.

5. From Courtney's Facebook Page - 2012.

6. From Courtney's Twitter Page 2013.